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2017 CSU Annual Meeting and Election

The 2017 CSU Annual Meeting was held June 19 at the home of Pat Robinson and Henry Finch in Waban, following a potluck supper. Each Section reported on its activities for the past year: Geoffrey Kent for the Running Section, Rob Bradlee for the Ski Section, and Larry Berman for the Orienteering Section.

Tom Dmukauskas made a report on membership: After BOD approval, he made a transition of our online membership site from SignMeUp to RunSignUp. The new site is better at handling club memberships. As of June 19, there were 154 members, 105 male and 49 female. Section memberships were 89 in Running, 34 in Skiing, and 30 in Orienteering. Forty-nine, almost a third of the members, have lifetime memberships.

Stephen Peckiconis made the Treasurer's report: Our finances, both by Section and overall are in good shape. Our bank balance was $101,545, much of which is the Ski Section's fund for expenses for the Junior Program. Election of officers took place, with the following being elected to hold office until the 2018 Annual Meeting:

President: Larry Berman
Treasurer: Stephen Peckiconis
Secretary: Tom Dmukauskas

Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Mt Washington Road Race

Twenty Csuers took on the mountain on June 17; the weather was great for spectators. At the top, it was mostly sunny, little wind, and temperature around 60 F. But it was a bit warm for the runners; what wind there was came from the NW, while a lot of the road is on the SE side. In the team competition, our Senior women took 1st place, and even got 2nd in the Masters class, and 4th in the Open. The men got 3rd in Veterans, 4th in Seniors, and 5th in Masters. We took 4 first places: Lisa Doucett in F60-64, Fred Ross III in M70-74, and Hannah and Madeline Rieders in F19 & under (The officials listed Hannah as 1st, but the twins were together). There were also 5 3rd places: Tyler Lee in M19 & under, Jackie Shakar in F55-59, Suzy West in F50-54, Gabbi Vandendries in F119 & under, and Lisa in F60-64.

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08/14/17 (R) Bobby Dole 5 Miler
08/27/17 (R) New Hampshire 10 Miler
09/11/17 (R) Seasons 20K
09/16/17 (O) Letchworth Falls Classic
09/17/17 (R) Downtown 5K
09/31/17 (R) Lone Gull 10K
10/09/17 (R) Tufts 10K for Women
10/14/17 (O) UNO Boulder Dash
11/06/17 (R) Bay State Marathon
11/08/17 (R) USATF-NE XC Champs
11/11/17 (O) US 2-Day Classic Championships
11/12/17 (S) CSU Fall Roller Ski Classic
01/20/18 (S) White Mtn Classic 30K
03/11/18 (O) World Masters' Ski Orienteering Championships

Check Section web pages for more details


The Cambridge Sports Union was started in 1962 with the goal of eventually being a multi-sport club. Initially, our activity focused on running, but cross country skiing was added in 1964, and orienteering in 1972.

The club is organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization by the IRS. It's legal name is CSU Inc. A Not For Profit Corporation

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The club is organized into semi-autonomous sections that carry out the activities in each sport: Running, Cross Country Skiing, and Orienteering (on foot and on skis), but with cooperation and resource sharing among the sections. Most of our members participate in only one sport, but some are active in two, or even three.

Although the sections publish occasional newsletters or calendars, most of our communication is done electronically. Each section has a web site and a mailing list.

The club is very active in teaching people about our three sports, the fun of competition, and the benefits of physical activity. We organize many events in the four sports, and our members participate in events organized by others. The listings below are brief thumbnails; check out the section web sites for a more complete picture of each section.

Membership- CSU memberships are on a calendar year basis, they all expire on Dec 31. We do accept multi-year memberships, and it is also possible to get a life membership. If you have any questions about membership, contact Larry Berman: or 617-868-7416.

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President: Larry Berman

Treasurer: Stephen Peckiconis

Secretary: Tom Dmukauskus


Jon Waldron (Run)

Patricia Robinson (Run)

Lisa Doucett (Run)

Rob Bradlee (Ski)

Jamie Doucett (Ski)

Sara Mae Berman (Ori)

Running Section

The Running Section is involved in what, in other parts of the world is called "athletics": Road Running, Cross Country, Trail Running, Mountain Running, Race Walking, and even some Track & Field.

The Boston area and the rest of New England have hundreds of races the CSU members take part in. A few of the events that CSU focuses on are the USATF/NE Grand Prix Series, the Boston Marathon, and the Mt Washington Road Race.

CSU supports the running community in several ways: We host the Saturday morning weekly races at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, a 50-year tradition. Although these are low-profile events, occasionally national class runners show up. We also provide volunteers for several major events: The Mt Washington Road Race, The Corporate Challenge, and the Tufts 10-km Women's Race.

We have numerous organized and semi-organized training opportunities: Year-round structured track workouts (indoors in the Winter); several weekend long workout groups, some of which focus in the Spring on preparing for the Boston marathon

Co-Chair: Catherine cagle
Co-Chair: Kristi Dmukauskas
For a better picture of the Running Section, go to its web site:
Mailing List:
To subscribe:

Skiing Section

The CSU skiers not only participate actively in XC skiing, we also organize a number of events: The roller ski race in November at North Andover; Bob Haydock's Bogburn Race in Pomfret VT in January; and the Tuesday night races at the Weston Ski Track all winter.

If you are not familiar with Weston (the DCR Leo J Martin Golf and Ski Track), the center of of much of our activity, it is a XC ski center on a public golf course near the intersection of Rt I-95/128 and Rt I-90 (MA Turnpike). They make snow, have lights, rent equipment, and give lessons, so skiing is quite accessible to skiers in the Boston area.

Our largest project is a year-round training program for Juniors, and a number of our most experienced members volunteer as coaches. Our members also support the local Billy Koch League for kids up to age 13

Section Chair: Rob Bradlee
Section Treasurer: Jamie Doucett
Head Junior Coach: Rob Bradlee

Check out the Ski Section's web site:

Orienteering Section

In the Spring, CSU holds a series of 8 or 9 Park-O races around the Boston area. Park-O is held in relatively open parks, so the navigating is easier than in a real forest, but it means fast running, and a lot of fun. Many of the parks used are accessible by public transit. In the Fall, we hold 4 or 5 training meets, usually in the Lynn Woods. The course at each meet is aimed at improving one particular skill.

We have regular weekly training sessions, and several times a year, organize weekend training camps on maps away from the Boston area.

One competitive event we focus on as a team is the US Relay Championship. In 2002, we won the championship in Vermont, in 2003 we placed 2nd and 3rd in Idaho. The 2004 Championship was in Maine; we entered 5 teams, and won the championship for a second time. For information on current activities, contact Larry Berman

Section Chair: Sara Mae Berman, 23 Fayette St, Cambridge MA 02139-1111, email:, phone 617-868-7416
Event Coordinator: Alex Jospe
Web site:
Mailing List: All members of the Orienteering Section are automatically put on the section mailing list